Sacred Pause Workshop

Sunday 15 May, 10am - 1pm

@ The Williamstown Masonic Hall


When you live in complete acceptance of what is, that is the end of all drama in your life ~ Eckhart Tolle


In this workshop, we will explore the idea – and practice – of dwelling completely in the moment, as if this moment were the best moment of our lives. In life, many of us become well versed in ‘If only…’. We look forward to a time when - the weather warms, or we don’t have to work anymore, or our partner changes, or we find a partner, or we’ve lost a few kilos, or we can go on a holiday…


To settle in the present and work towards becoming peaceful and content with this moment – takes guts, takes courage, takes practice.


Perhaps easier to manage when life is flowing well and we are healthy; much more challenging when we (or those we love and are close to) are physically unwell, mentally fragile, broken or bruised.


Let us explore this idea together in a three hour workshop utilising breathwork, meditation, relaxation, chanting, gentle physical movement and mauna (sacred silence).


All welcome. 


Cost: $55 / 48 (conc)

Bookings: 0431 080 157 or fionahyde1@gmail.com