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Sacred Pause Workshops - 2024

Think Focus Act

33 Challis Street


Sunday 23 June, 2-5pm &

Sunday 14 July, 2-5pm



In everyday life, movement and fast pace is appreciated but in Yoga slowing down is revered…

In everyday life, we encourage moving forward no matter what,

in yoga we do not hesitate going back to the roots, exploring the depth of our own subconscious…

Today, there is less emphasis, acknowledgment, reverence, importance given to the pause between two practices.

One simply moves from one thing to another without any awareness of what the previous practice stirred or stilled within…There is nothing Yogic about a movement or stillness if it is without awareness, pause, reflection and transformation. The goal of Yoga is Yoga. Pause leads to poise

~ Indu Arora

These workshops offer a safe, nurturing container to slow down, listen deep, feel deep, and reconnect with Self...utilising breathwork, gentle physical movement, relaxation, meditation, and mauna (sacred silence).


Let's do this sacred work together. 


All welcome.  

Cost: $65 ($58 conc).

Bookings: 0431 080 157 or  

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