Qualified teacher of Sivananda Hatha Yoga

Certificate in Prescriptive Yoga Therapy


Further training with Dean Das, Donna Farhi, TKV Desikachar, AG Mohan and Graeme and Leonie Northfield (Astanga)

Masters Degree in Womens Studies (University of Melbourne)

Certificate of Completion - Preparing the Way - End of Life Doula Training (Dec 2016), Melbourne

With experience of many different yoga styles and traditions, Fiona weaves together a cohesive and integrated heart-centred approach to yoga and meditation. Her classes blend conscious breathing with gentle vinyasa (flowing) sequences, meditation, relaxation and yogic philosophy.

A key focus of Fiona’s classes is to assist students to move with grace and ease, and work to peel away the superficial layers of the self reconnecting with their true, natural, authentic selves – in other words, to come home.

Fiona writes: “To me, yoga is not only an amazing and wonderful journey of self-discovery, but an opportunity to ‘wake up’, to become more conscious of everything in life – the way we breathe, the way we move, the way we relate to ourselves and others, what we consume (eat, watch, read), and the way our minds work.

Yoga is not just something I do ‘on the mat’, but a way of life, something I have now integrated into every aspect of my existence, including how I parent my children.

When I was first introduced to yoga in the 1990s, I was not so interested in the physical benefits, but was searching for something to help me cope with the stress and anxiety (and a perfectionist streak!) of completing a Master’s Thesis. Yoga continues to assist me in navigating the challenges and uncertainties of life, whilst also helping to keep my mind strong, clear, centered and focused. My heart continues to open to the world, so that I feel a great deal of tenderness, love and compassion for all, as I start to experience everything ‘outside’ of me, as not separate from me. And my body remains firm, strong, grounded and healthy. I must admit that I am still endeavouring to let go of the perfectionist streak!

I now view yoga as a life-long journey and I am delighted and humbled to be able to share my love of yoga with students and my two children.

This quote, by yoga teacher Judith Lasater, sits above my desk and captures beautifully how I too, feel about teaching yoga:‘I like to say that I teach for myself and practice for my students…I teach what is in my heart. I try to let go of my fears that I might not be teaching what they want…Instead, I offer the teaching as my gift…[and] I try to focus on my personal practice as a learning experience that will allow me to share yoga more purely with my students. This attitude helps me to remember to teach and practice in the spirit of yoga’ (2000).”

Fiona is grateful to all the teachers that have, and continue to, inspire her, including: Dean Das, Joy Spencer, Leigh Blashki, Susanne Calman, Louisa Sears, Greg and Tracy Cooper, Frank Jesse and Robert Byrne. Fiona is also deeply grateful for what she continues to learn from her students.

M: 0431 080 157

E: fionahyde1@gmail.com


0431 080 157


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