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2024 Bali Yoga Retreat: Loving Presence
Nirarta: Centre of Living Awareness, Sidemen
Saturday 3 August to Saturday 10 August
       ~ one spot still available



…when the mind is quiet, the heart will do the work ~ Ron Kurtz



This retreat will offer space for you to unplug from daily demands and technology to refuel in life, deepen the relationship you have with yourself, and nurture your body, heart and soul with the ancient self-healing practices of yoga and meditation.


All of this will take place in the sacred healing grounds of Nirarta: Centre for Living Awareness, Sidemen, Bali. A space that offers fresh air, a slow pace, a calming and conducive natural environment, and nourishing food.


The most powerful form of self-care comes from how we show up for, relate to, and speak to ourselves. It comes from doing these things with curiosity, patience, warmth, and compassion. In other words, learning to cultivate, and maintain, an awake heart and a loving presence – for ourselves, and for each other.


During our time together, we will endeavour to develop a map for open hearted living, including practices such as:


Mindfulness of breathing – how the breath has the power to calm and nurture us

Compassionate body scan – how to connect with our bodies from a place of love and compassion

Self-compassion – how to relate to the fullness of our humanity with care

Awareness of our interconnection – how to find nurturance in knowing that we are interconnected with all that is, and offer a loving, healing presence to all we encounter.


An awake heart is like a sky that pours light ~ Hafiz


Each day will commence with a 90 minute practice (meditation, breath work, chant and movement) from 6.30-8.00am. This will be followed by breakfast. Mauna (sacred silence) will be woven into the retreat (from bedtime till breakfast each day) – and we will have two longer periods of silence during our time together. Two or three mid-morning sessions, including a Balinese Cultural Talk, will be offered and daily afternoon sessions will continue with the theme of the morning sessions and include relaxation, breath work, and restorative yoga. Two or three evening sessions will also be offered, including an outdoor fire ceremony and dance.

If you are interested in grabbing the last spot, or have any queries about the retreat, please call Fiona on 0431 080 157 or e-mail to:


In today’s rush

we all think too much,

seek too much,

want too much,

and forget about the joy of just being

~ Eckhart Tolle

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