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atha yoganusasanam (sutra |:| Patanjali)

          now begins the study and practice
          of the sacred art of yoga
Warm Up on the Beach


Yoga for Deep Transformation

Williamstown Yoga and Meditation was founded in 1993 to offer our community highly experienced and professional teachers from a number of different yoga and meditation traditions.


All of our teachers are dedicated to offering authentic yoga practice and to improving our students’ physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing within a safe, supportive environment.

Yoga is for Everybody - we cater to all people, no matter your level of flexibility, fitness, wellness, body size, shape or age. 


Come and meet the teachers at our studio who have been supporting each other in a united quest to share our knowledge, inspiration and love of yoga and meditation for over two decades.


Red Orange Light Art

We are closing!


Come and join us this week for the last time (check timetable for class details and times). Our final class ever, at 109 Douglas Parade, will be this coming Saturday 23 February, 10am.


We thank all of our lovely students who have been attending our classes over the last three decades. What a trip it's been!


But don't worry! None of our teachers are disappearing! Make sure to contact your 'favourite' teacher to find out where they are next headed.


From all of us at Willi Yoga...thankyou x

"Peace comes from within.

Do not seek it without"


Warm Up on the Beach
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