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Yoga with Fiona


Welcome! I'm delighted that you have chosen to visit my website today. For more information about my teaching style and class details, please read on...

An eternal student, Fiona has been teaching yoga and meditation for nearly three decades, locally and internationally. With experience of many different yoga styles and traditions, Fiona weaves together a cohesive and integrated heart-centred approach to yoga and meditation. Her classes blend conscious breathing with gentle vinyasa (flowing) sequences, meditation, relaxation and yogic philosophy.

Students are encouraged to find softness and strength in every movement, and modifications and extensions are provided. A key focus is to offer internally reflective practices so that students may delve beneath the outer layers of the self and reconnect with their true, natural, authentic selves – in other words, to come home.

Fiona is currently offering weekly yoga sessions online. For further details contact Fiona:


(see below for free sample online classes)

See 'Upcoming Events' and 'Retreats' for in-person workshops and retreats during 2024.

Recorded Yoga Sessions with Fiona 

Saturday 11 July 2020 - 'Sah-Hum' Mantra

Sat 25 April 2020 - Witness Consciousness

What Students Are Saying...

Thanks for keeping on keeping on Fiona. I am nothing but deeply grateful for your classes. I don't feel I've got any feedback for you in terms of class content, as you seem so in tune with our needs. I've been doing the grounding yoga practices from last Saturday's class, I've been bathing myself in A-U-Ms from the Saturday before last. This is what I need, this is what you offer. Your classes give us release, strength, good cheer and hope, because that's what we practice together on the mat. Just keep doing what you're doing, whatever you feel we need is what we need. Much love and gratitude, Cathy D x

...thank you for being there. The support I get from you in the yoga classes and beyond is profound. I’m sure many of us feel this way. Thank you for all your research, kind words and yoga asanas to suit every level. Truly this is what is getting me through each day, Kathy W.

Dear Fiona - This is a belated thank you for your constant presence in yoga these past few months. You have remained selfless, inspiring, grounded and wise throughout this pandemic. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the gentle easing of suffering you bring and for how the benefits of our practice manifest in life. Remarkable!...

For now very much love and I’ll see you on the mat! Jo R.



We're all just walking each other home ~ Ram Dass

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